Clive Sharples 25th Year Travelling to The Far East on Business

Riseam Sharples was set up by Clive Sharples and the original founding partners in 1997 to specialise in acting for investors from the Far East in the acquisition of London residential property. Clive had already been travelling to the Far East for a number of years before setting up the firm and this year is the 25th Anniversary of his first foray into the Far East in 1987 to help buyers with the purchase of property in London and England.

The work and contacts that came from those first early trips led Clive to set up business with two other partners connected with the region some 11 years later.

When asked to comment on this being an anniversary year Clive said:

“Those 25 years have flashed by and the volume of the work has increased beyond all expectation. Over the years I and my colleagues have acted for thousands of investors from all over Asia and the rest of the world. We have always striven to give a fast and efficient service – and have largely succeeded!”

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