Block purchase

As well as acting on individual sales and purchases, Riseam Sharples expertise extends to acting on behalf of buyers of blocks of residential flats directly from developers.  These “block buyers” sell on, i.e. assign, the benefit of the contracts they have purchased from the developer prior to completion of the building to other buyers for a profit thus avoiding any liability for stamp duty land tax.

With the benefit of our experience acting for individual buyers, we can anticipate the requirements of both the developer’s solicitor and the solicitors acting for the buyers of the individual plots from the block buyer.

We ensure that all appropriate provisions are incorporated into the contract with the developer for the benefit of the block buyer including the right to sell on the contract before completion.

As we will have been through all the development papers for the benefit of the block buyer, we assist the buyer’s solicitors by preparing legal information for them setting out the main points and giving an overview of the transaction.   Whilst this cannot be relied upon as legal advice and does not obviate the need for buyer’s solicitors to conduct their own searches and legal investigations, in most instances it aids them going through the documents and reduces the number of enquiries a buyer’s solicitor will need to raise, thereby speeding up the whole process for all parties.

As a block buyer will be selling the units on it is important that they retain control over the quality of the development as much as possible to ensure they can maximise the value delivered to their buyers.  We make sure that suitable provisions are incorporated into the contract to reflect this.

Some block buyers will also purchase the freehold of the site so that on completion they take control of the development from the developer and we can assist with this as well.

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What our clients say...

  • “I have engaged Julia Caveller of Riseam Sharples to assist me completing the purchase of a 1 bedroom flat at Lanterns Court in 2010... Julia has provided her expert advice on how best to complete the transaction within the tight timeframe, and all the available options for me to consider during the transaction. The efficient response has contributed a smooth completion of the deal. I am really impressed.” – Patrick W C WONG, Hong Kong”

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