Our services

Riseam Sharples offers the following property transaction services:

  • Off plan new build purchases of residential property
  • Purchase of existing residential property
  • Sale of residential property
  • Mortgage or re-mortgage of existing property
  • Block purchases of new build property
  • Transfer or equity transfer of property
  • Assistance in drafting and agreeing Joint Venture Property Agreements

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Timescales in conveyancing transactions

We try to adhere to the following timescales, but at times the processes in a transaction are beyond our control because we are dealing with other solicitors and their clients, and such factors as search authorities and the need to consider issues.

For an off-plan purchase where we are recommended by the developer and/or the selling agents, we would hope to exchange within 4 weeks of receipt of the contract and completion will be in accordance with the guidelines provided for by the Developer and as agreed in the contract.

For second hand purchases, we would hope to exchange at the latest within 6 weeks, with completion 4 weeks thereafter.

For assignment transactions, we would, where acting on a purchase, to exchange within 8 weeks with completion 4 weeks thereafter.

On assignment sales we would hope to exchange within 6 weeks, with completion 4 weeks thereafter.

With re-mortgages, we would hope to draw down within 6-8 weeks.

In connection with other transactions we would give you an indication at the commencement as to how long we think the various stages would be.

The above is purely guidance and we will specify the timeframe appropriate to your matter in your client care letter and update you throughout the transaction.

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We are able to provide specialist conveyancing because:

  • Riseam Sharples offer a personal relationship throughout the duration of your transaction. We will offer guidance, support and professional advice throughout and work towards responding to any queries we have as soon as reasonably possible. With a dedicated network of other solicitors and staff behind each transaction, you are likely to be able to speak with any member of our team who can assist you with your query.
  • We are well experienced in acting for both first time and seasoned investors who acquire property off-plan who are therefore subject to the strict time constraints imposed by developers and vendors. Our process of preparing our advice and report for various development schemes means that we can easily enable investors to contract within any deadline set.
  • Members of our solicitors’ team regularly travel to South East Asia on business enabling us to meet with clients face to face.
  • Our experience in acting for investors whether they are based overseas or in the UK means that we can often anticipate our clients’ requirements and we are able to quickly resolve any problems that may arise in the course of a client’s conveyancing transaction.

As well as acting on individual sales and purchases, Riseam Sharples expertise extends to acting on behalf of buyers of blocks of residential flats directly from developers.  These “block buyers” sell on, i.e. assign, the benefit of the contracts they have purchased from the developer prior to completion of the building to other buyers for a profit thus avoiding any liability for stamp duty land tax.

With the benefit of our experience acting for individual buyers, we can anticipate the requirements of both the developer’s solicitor and the solicitors acting for the buyers of the individual plots from the block buyer.

We ensure that all appropriate provisions are incorporated into the contract with the developer for the benefit of the block buyer including the right to sell on the contract before completion.

As we will have been through all the development papers for the benefit of the block buyer, we assist the buyer’s solicitors by preparing legal information for them setting out the main points and giving an overview of the transaction.   Whilst this cannot be relied upon as legal advice and does not obviate the need for buyer’s solicitors to conduct their own searches and legal investigations, in most instances it aids them going through the documents and reduces the number of enquiries a buyer’s solicitor will need to raise, thereby speeding up the whole process for all parties.

As a block buyer will be selling the units on it is important that they retain control over the quality of the development as much as possible to ensure they can maximise the value delivered to their buyers.  We make sure that suitable provisions are incorporated into the contract to reflect this.

Some block buyers will also purchase the freehold of the site so that on completion they take control of the development from the developer and we can assist with this as well.

Riseam Sharples only act in conveyancing matters and are therefore perfectly equipped to provide you with the very best in advice and service in connection with your own sale or purchase.

Riseam Sharples predominately acts for investor purchasers of residential property in Central London and Greater London.  As a result of acting for numerous purchasers over the years since the Partnership was formed in 1997, we have of course been instructed by those same purchasers in connection with the sale of their residential investments and this does make sense since we tend to act for numerous purchasers at the same development and we are therefore able to provide more in-depth information to any prospective buyer’s solicitors thereby ensuring a smoother sale of a client’s property.

In addition, because we are familiar with schemes which may have completed last year or up to several years ago we still retain the bulk of the original development information and therefore if a client should decide to buy a property within a scheme Riseam Sharples are familiar with this also assists in ensuring that the purchase transaction or sale for that matter proceeds quickly and efficiently.

Despite our connection with the investment purchase model, we have acted for numerous clients over the years who for instance may have purchased the property for their children whilst they are studying at University in London, for their own London “getaway” apartment or their own residential home and therefore we welcome any enquiries from prospective clients that may be looking to sell, purchase, re-mortgage or transfer property within Central or Greater London.

Clive Sharples (Senior Partner) first attended Overseas Property Exhibitions, as a solicitor for buyers, almost at their inception in 1987 in Hong Kong.  It immediately became clear that there was a genuine overseas interest in investment in the London residential property market due to the level of buyers committing to purchase a new-build property from the outset.

The onset of the recession in the UK through the late 80’s and early 90’s was seen as an opportunity by offshore investors to get a ‘bargain’ and led to London developers and agents making regular trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and other parts of South East Asia to market new developments.  Clive Sharples, on the invitation of developers and agents, continued throughout this period to act for prospective buyers on numerous different London development schemes. After a period of 10 years, Clive then set up the Partnership, Riseam Sharples & Fok with partners Colin Riseam and David Fok in September 1997.

Members of Riseam Sharples continue to regularly travel overseas upon the invitation of agents and developers to assist purchasers in connection with the acquisition of off-plan property.

The main centres of business that Riseam Sharples visits are Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and we are starting to make increasing visits to Shanghai, however over the years the firm has attended various launches across the world including South Africa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Tokyo, Ireland, Bahrain, Mumbai etc.

As well as travelling overseas, Riseam Sharples does also attend UK property exhibitions where potential UK based investors are invited to make an investment in a new-build development.

When a property developer has purchased a plot of land to redevelop into brand new apartments, that developer will often want to sell the apartments at the first opportunity they have which will be when they have planning permission together with an architects plan for the development i.e. well before the development is constructed.

Rather than just market their product with local agents or direct from the site a Developer will want to launch his product at an exhibition.

The exhibition is normally held in a hotel where a scale model of the development is displayed, marketing videos are available for viewing, plans of the local area and amenities and also a brochure and specification is generally available.

The Developer will invite prospective buyers who attend their exhibition to purchase a property that same day or weekend. Normally prospective buyers who decide to buy on the weekend of a launch are offered incentives or discounts which would not normally be available.

Should an attendee decide to proceed to buy a property a member of the Riseam Sharples legal team is on hand to advise that buyer on all aspects of the transaction.

Riseam Sharples carries out an extensive investigation of the development papers and reviews the contracts in their entirety prior to an exhibition going ahead and therefore we are able to assist prospective buyers there and then on the implications of purchasing a property from the developer.

We are certainly happy to recommend Riseam Sharples for conveyancing as we’ve received very prompt responses and helpful advice from all the different lawyers we’ve had dealings with so far

Rachel Tan, Singapore
I would like to express here my warmest appreciation of the assistance you and your colleagues extended to me in the completion of the purchase of the above property, which would not have been so smooth and cost-efficient without the professionalism and dedication of your whole team.
I am more than happy to recommend Riseam Sharples for conveyancing as I received a very prompt response and expert advice from all the personnel (in particular, Miss Julia Caveller) I dealt with at the firm.
Franky Wong, Investor, Hong Kong
I have engaged Julia Caveller of Riseam Sharples to assist me completing the purchase of a 1 bedroom flat at Lanterns Court in 2010. The transaction is very tight in timeframe as it needs to be completed within 1-2 weeks time. To add to it, I am an offshore investor which has no experience in UK property market. Julia has provided her expert advice on how best to complete the transaction within the tight timeframe, and all the available options for me to consider during the transaction. The efficient response has contributed a smooth completion of the deal. I am really impressed.
Patrick W C WONG, Hong Kong
Karen Oliver and Tom Sharples have been most helpful and responsive and I am happy with their service.
Marcus Phuah, Singapore
Tom Sharples was recommended to me by a friend, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone myself. Competitive, efficient and no-nonsense service is a breath of fresh air in a UK property transaction.
Artemi Krymski, London
Being a first time buyer from Hong Kong, I have very little understanding on the process of property purchase in UK. However, your friendly and professional services have cleared my anxiety away. Throughout the process, you kept me informed and explained the procedures well to me. I found your advice helpful and to the point. I was particularly impressed with the assistance from Mr. Tom Sharples in completing my transactions smoothly. Thank you for all you did.
Kenny Lei, Hong Kong

My dealings with Risem Sharples Solicitors have been everything I had been hoping for and more.

Since I am living in Hong Kong and engaged in a demanding banking job, having access to efficient and trustworthy counsel was absolutely critical for me when buying property in London recently. Beyond the faultless and professional legal advise, what really distinguished the service I received from Paul and his team was a constant but succinct and to the point update on the transaction developments. I also frequently received easy to read and well timed letters reminding me what I needed to do, why, and by when. Dealing with RSS really made this transaction hassle-free and I would certainly use them again should I consider buying another property in England.

Julien Begasse de Dhaem, Hong Kong